Chimet’s most important resource is its use of specialised sophisticated and personal technologies that ensure a maximum yield and a minimum loss.


The analysis and R&D (research & development) laboratories have perfected technological innovations which have improved production processes and have become a guarantee for customers and a strong point for Chimet’s development. 

The company’s intuition lay in staying ahead of the times, working with Universities, Research Centres, and investing in development and technology.

The data obtained by Chimet is now provided to University researchers for the development of environmental compatibility models considering factories and the environment, which is a mark of the winning cooperation between the two centres. 


Chimet’s waste has some of the most innovative and efficient waste disposal systems in the world. Emissions monitoring is conducted in real time and data are available to the public after the validation of ARPAT.


Who said?

"..the new waste to energy conversion technologies are totally free of organic substances.."
Livio Giannotti, CEO of Quadrifoglio Spa

Did you know?