• la scatola con il Chimet Catalyst Kit
    03 October 2012

    New Chimet Catalyst Kit

    Chimet presents the new Catalyst Kit, an indispensable tool for the development of synthetic processes. Speed up your R&D projects with Chimet catalyst kit!

    Chimet Catalyst Kit is made by supported Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) catalysts in the form of powder, with use in slurry phase catalytic processes and in particular in hydrogenation of different functionalities in organic...

  • Robots
    30 August 2011

    China's robotics revolution may boost rare earths, precious metals

    Taiwanese technology giant, Foxconn has annoucned that it will deploy one million robots in three years time to do a variety of routine functions including assembling, spraying and welding. The company has an employee strength of 1.2 mn of which one million is employed in Chinese Mainland.

    Foxconn has already announced major expansion plans for China and nineteen new projects are in the pipeline including factories that will produce cameral lenses,LED lighting rigs and recently it opened a facility in Chengdu,...

  • Rhodium powder
    30 August 2011

    Rhodium helpful in checking food adulteration

    By changing its colour in the presence of particular gases, Rhodium can warn consumers if packaged food has been tampered with. This finding could potentially influence the production of both industrial and commercial air quality sensors.

    “We initially found out by accident that modified rhodium reacts in a colourful way to different gases,” says Cathleen Crudden, chemistry professor at Queen’s Univeristy, Ontario. “That happy accident has...

  • logo 2011 year of chemistry
    02 February 2011

    2011 The year of chemistry

    The United Nations has proclaimed 2011 as the International Year of Chemistry. Responsibility for the event has been entrusted to UNESCO and IUPAC. This initiative is organised by the United Nations as part of a decade dedicated to sustainable development education.

    "2011 will be International Year of Chemistry: this has been proclaimed by the United Nations who have entrusted responsibility for the event to UNESCO, the United Nations Organisation for Education, Science and Culture, and IUPAC, the...


Chimet’s waste has some of the most innovative and efficient waste disposal systems in the world. Emissions monitoring is conducted in real time and data are available to the public after the validation of ARPAT.


Who said?

"..the objective is to reduce the production of waste, and just like the incentive for the separation of rubbish for disposal purposes, these are important signals of a correct environmental policy, although rubbish should also be eliminated..."
Matteo Renzi, Major of Florence

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