London Good Delivery Certification LBMA



Gold and silver by Chimet are «good delivery» certified: our gold and silver bars satisfy the strict conditions of London Bullion Market Association LBMA






Chimet’s waste has some of the most innovative and efficient waste disposal systems in the world. Emissions monitoring is conducted in real time and data are available to the public after the validation of ARPAT.


Did you know?

  • How to Identify metals in a motherboard?
    Recycling an old computer can be an expensive proposition. Many parts are unusable. One way to recover some of the cost of an old computer, as well as to earn money toward the purchase of a newer machine, is to sell the precious metals used in the manufacture of computer motherboards.
  • Eco-friendly bikes?
    Bicycles are one of the best ways to get around these days with little impact on the environment, not fuel required other than your muscles, and plenty of health, fitness, and financial benefits for everyone. Unfortunately not all bicycles are created equal and the manufacturing processes used to build some bicycles are more harmful than others.

Who said?

"..the new waste to energy conversion technologies are totally free of organic substances.."
Livio Giannotti, CEO of Quadrifoglio Spa

We would like to present Chimet

Chimet is the leading international company in the recovery and refining of precious metals.

Chimet’s historical departments are the Ash melting-refining and Metal Bank departments, although in recent years the company has followed policies regarding recovery and recycling that have led to the establishment of the Ecological and Waste Disposal Division.  The business, which now has fifty years of experience behind it, started off as an internal Division of Unoaerre, the first goldsmith company in Arezzo and the most important company of its kind in the world.

The main business activities

Chimet’s core business is the recovery and refining of metals, in order to fully satisfy the global market.

The company’s long standing has allowed it to develop closed-loop processing, where industrial waste is transformed into precious metals, without any dispersion whatsoever, or damage to the environment. To satisfy customers, to offer the highest level of yield in terms of quality and quantity: this is Chimet’s mission. This is possible thanks to Chimet’s industrial structure, which is acknowledged as being one of the most modern and technological structures in the world, as well as the absolute thoroughness of the recovery phases. The company has 5 Divisions in its organisational structure and it provides a metal bank service: