Thick film

Chimet started the Thick Film Division on 1984 and it is now a renowned manufacturer of functional printing inks and pastes for several applications, thanks to its know-how and a wide products portfolio. The outstanding quality and deep knowledge of the paste technology allowed Chimet to become one of the global leaders in the silvers for automotive glass and to be part of the ongoing changes of the printed electronics (PE).

The Thick Film Division is especially focused into the design and the manufacturing of high quality functional printing inks for electronic applications. Chimet offers a wide range of state-of-the-art materials for printing heaters and antennas on automotive glass, human machine interfaces (HMI), like membrane keyboards and switches, stretchable electronics like wearables and sensors, in-mold electronics (IME).

Chimet inks are formulated to allow an effective deposition through screen-printing or other printing methods, in order to achieve the required microstructure, pattern and definition. Chimet inks pass all of the tests required in the specific application fields and are supplied with a wide and thorough safety and technical information allowing an easy and effective use.

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