Thick Film

Chimet's Thick Film Division, established in 1984, is a manufacturer of high quality precious metal powders and screen-printable pastes.

Already a world leader in the automotive sector, Chimet's Thick film Division has gained significant market share in the photovoltaic and electronic industries.
Chimet's Thick film Division manufactures the following screen-printable products:

  • silver pastes for the production of car backlights
  • silver and aluminium pastes for high efficiency silicon cells for photovoltaic systems
  • mono and bimetallic pastes (silver, silver/palladium, silver/platinum) for hybrid circuits
  • silver pastes for glass and ceramic decoration
  • powders and flakes for several industrial application
  • electrically conductive inks for flexible substrates
  • electrically conductive inks for ITO coated substrates


Chimet’s waste has some of the most innovative and efficient waste disposal systems in the world. Emissions monitoring is conducted in real time and data are available to the public after the validation of ARPAT.


Who said?

"..the new waste to energy conversion technologies are totally free of organic substances.."
Livio Giannotti, CEO of Quadrifoglio Spa

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