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Since our site is used by c.d. Cookies for different purposes, with this information we want to explain what cookies are and how they are used on the Site.

Some cookies (c.d. own cookies or first part) are conveyed and controlled directly by us. Through these cookies, the Company collects and treats some personal information that concerns you. In this statement, also pursuant to art. 13 and art. 14 Reg.UE 679/2016, we explain how we collect this data, for what purposes and what are your rights.

Other cookies (third party cookies) are, instead, conveyed and controlled by third parties. On this information you will find links to the information published by these third parties, which we ask you to read carefully.

If you are not familiar with cookies, please read this information carefully, as well as the privacy policy of the Site, in order to make your choices in a conscious manner.

A. What are cookies and what they serve

Cookies are small text files that user-visited sites send directly to their terminal (usually the browser), where they are stored to be retransmitted to the same sites after the same user visit (c.d. first-party cookies). While browsing on a site, the user may also receive cookies on sites or different web servers (c. Third-party cookies) on his terminal; This is because the web site you are visiting can include elements such as images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages from other domains that reside on servers other than the one on which the requested page is located. In other words, those cookies are set from a website other than what you are currently visiting.

Cookies can be limited to a single browsing session on the browser (c.d. session cookies), and in that case, they will automatically shut down when the user closes the browser; Or they may have a predetermined deadline and, in that case, they will remain stored and active on your hard drive until that expiration date, continuing to collect information during different browsing sessions on the browser (c.d. permanent cookies).

Cookies are used for different functions. Some are needed to allow you to surf the Web site and enjoy its functionality (c.d. technical cookies). Others are used to obtain statistical information, aggregated or non-aggregated, about the number of users accessing the Site and how the Site is used (e.g. tracking cookies or analytics). Others, finally, are used to trace your consumer profile and show you ads on the Site that may be of interest to you, as they are consistent with your tastes and your habits of consumption (c. Profiling cookies).

To learn more about these different categories of cookies, read this information. Find out how they work and what they are, and choose freely whether to consent to or stop them.

B. Technical cookies

Technical cookies are used on the Site only to make your site navigation possible and allow you to use the features. This is always first-party cookies, as they are delivered directly from us on the Site.

Some technical cookies are essential to provide you with a great navigation experience or to allow you to authenticate yourself on the site, such as making a purchase on the Site or entering your private area (c.w. navigation cookie). Navigation cookies are normally session cookies, and therefore, when you close your browsing browser, they are automatically disabled.

Other technical cookies are useful to allow you to store some of your preferences (for example, your language or country of origin) without resetting them during subsequent visits (cf. functionality cookies). For this reason, cookies are often persistent cookies, as they remain stored on your computer even after the browsing browser closes, until the expiration date for them or until you have decided to delete them.

The following technical cookies are currently used on the Site:
Cookie name

Cookie category

Cookie function

– first part cookie
– navigation
– persistent

Used to handle sessions

– third party technical cookies

Used to monitor application traffic by collecting statistical data on operation
As provided by current privacy laws, no such prior consent is required for the installation of such cookies. Of course, you are free to block technical cookie installation by modifying your browser settings (see paragraph E, No. 1 to know how to do it). However, you may consider that by blocking the installation or subsequent removal of technical cookies, the ability to access the Site, to take full or part of it, to enable or disable certain features or to receive certain services may be In whole or in part compromised.

C. How to handle cookies and oppose their use

There are several options for managing, disabling, and deleting cookies.

(1)Change your browser settings

Follow the instructions provided by your browser vendor to find out how to handle, disable, or delete all cookies (technical, analytics, and profiling):

  • Explorer:
  • Chrome:
  • Firefox:
  • Safari:
  • Opera:
  • Make your choices carefully. By blocking indiscriminately the receipt of all cookies, including technical ones, without providing for a specific exception to the Site, you may not be able to surf the Site anymore, or to take advantage of all or part of its functionality. In addition, by deleting all cookies from your browser, technical cookies may also be removed and may therefore remove your preferences that you have set up using the Site or no longer find the products or services in your shopping cart.

    2) Use our interactive tools or those provided by third parties

    (3)Use the website

    D. Other information

    As highlighted in the foregoing, the Company collects and treats your personal information through cookies that it carries directly to the Site (cookie first part). The Company acts as the holder of the processing of this data, in accordance with the provisions of the EU Regulation 679/2016. We will only deal with your data electronically, totally automated and without human intermediation. Therefore, our employees and collaborators will never access the content of your personal data obtained through cookies. Some of our employees and associates, appointed by us as processing agents, may undertake maintenance on the computer systems that host your data without ever having access to their actual content. Personal data could be stored on servers managed by third parties (eg IT system vendors) or could be managed by online advertising specialists who act as external managers of the treatment on the basis of a special appointment in writing from Part of the Company. Please note that, subject to statutory requirements and guarantees, your data may be transferred to countries other than the European Economic Area, which may not offer a level of protection of privacy and data protection comparable to that Guaranteed by Italian and European privacy laws. Your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties or will be disseminated.

    E. Your rights

    Pursuant to EU Regulation 679/2016, art. 15 and ss, you have the right to obtain at any time the confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning you and of knowing the content and source, verifying its accuracy or requesting its integration or updating, or rectification. You also have the right to request the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of data processed in violation of the law, as well as opposing in any case, for legitimate reasons, their treatment. Finally, you have the right to obtain a list of external treatment managers appointed by the Company. In order to exercise your rights, or to have any other information or clarification on this information, contact the Company via recommending a.r. (At Via dei Laghi 31/33 – 52041 Badia al Pino (AR) – Italy), by email ( or by fax (+39 0575 410214).


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