Chimet is a leading company at international level in the recovery and refining of precious metals

Founded in 1974, Chimet inaugurated its first production site in Badia al Pino in 1976, followed in the 80s by the inauguration of a second production site in Viciomaggio, both in the province of Arezzo, showing the bond that has always existed between these business activities and this territory.

In fact, the acronym Chimet stands for “Chimica Metallurgica Toscana” (Tuscan Metallurgical Chemistry), and it still underlines an attachment to the traditional production processes that have been used throughout the centuries for the processing of gold and other precious metals.

In recent years the company has developed its Ecological Division, a business activity that was started-up for the management of waste disposal in compliance with the most recent regulations on the protection of the environment.

Its numerous collaborations with Universities, Research Centres, and public entities, as well as continuous and significant scientific and technological investments, have allowed Chimet to guarantee its customers the best possible results in the recovery of precious metals.

Core Business

Chimet has its core business in the activity of refining and recovery precious metals.

Those processes have developed as a result of the international market push and on the needs to recovery of industrial wastes and thus to recover precious metals at their pure state that fall into the production cycle of companies all around the world.

Chimet‘s foresight has allowed to develop a closed-loop system manufacture without any dispersion or environmental demage.

Annual report 2023


Chimet’s mission is clear and precise: to recover and refine precious metals from waste made by the industrial manufactures, so as to facilitate the recycling in the production production of goldsmiths, catalysts, thick film and chemical products. At the same time, the company undertakes to dispose with the utmost care, in compliance with current legislation, the wastes that derive from recovering processes.

The regfining process can last from three days to some weeks and allows Chimet to recover and refine tons of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, ruthenium, iridium, rhodium) waste from electronic, photographic, galvanic, pharmaceuticals, chemical, petrochemical and goldsmith industries.

Present and future

To disperse waste materials in the environment is not only uncivilised, it is unproductive, and Chimet certainly knows this, so much so that it has invested in research and development to the point where it has attained numerous certifications.

The benefits are not only financial, because above all the environmental savings in terms of raw materials, energy and the impact on the territory have to be considered.

In the present day Chimet is a company known at international level for its reliability, and its reputation continues to increase, above all in the catalysts, thick film and chemical products sectors.

Research, investment and continuous development will be the cornerstone of Chimet’s philosophy in the future, and the company is already ready to face the challenges that industry has in store for it.


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