Inauguration of the science lab and art workshop Monday 16 December 2019 at 09.30

Martiri di Civitella Secondary School, Via Verdi 40 Badia al Pino.

There is now a new space dedicated to science learning at the Martiri di Civitella Secondary School, a science lab designed to be a privileged space in which to experiment and learn using modern instruments.

Equipped with 25 microscopes and cutting-edge scientific equipment, students, through the laboratory method of scientific knowledge, with laboratory observation and experimentation, will get closer to a scientific knowledge of phenomena.

The science lab is the completion of the educational innovation project implemented by the Martiri di Civitella Comprehensive School: participation in the "Chimet con te" competition provided the funding for the scientific equipment, and the support of the Municipality of Civitella allowed the school to buy the fittings and set up all the necessary systems.

A new space where scientific experiences will give our students knowledge, which will grow together with them!


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