Sport, education and social: we support Menarini Volpi Rosse

Wheelchair Sport Firenze - Menarini Volpi Rosse

Our company has started a partnership with the Florentine wheelchair basketball company

Sport, education and social: Chimet alongside Wheelchair Sport Firenze – Menarini Volpi Rosse. This association was born in 2005 as the first Tuscan wheelchair basketball organisation and, currently, it plays in the Italian federal championship of series A and is finding prominence in international level tournaments with results such as a second place obtained in 2024 in the group stage of EuroCup3 in Spain.

Our company has started a collaboration to support the inclusion and integration project that is becoming increasingly important thanks to the commitment, professionalism and goals achieved year after year, on and off the court. In addition to the team reaching the top of the competition, this project pays particular attention to the social field with education courses in schools and companies aimed at promoting an increasingly open culture and one that is favourable to the reception of diversity, to break down the barriers between able-bodied athletes and athletes with disabilities, and to stimulate the value of mutual help and teamwork.

Sensitivity towards projects capable of contributing to the construction of a better future for the territory and for people has always been an important director of our company’s activity: being part of the team of supporters of Menarini Volpi Rosse further reiterates how sport can be a driving force to overcome limits, to promote ethical virtues and to transmit values especially to young people. “Chimet’s support,” comments Amedeo Bacci, marketing manager of Menarini Volpi Rosse, “will allow our business to take a further step forward: it is, in fact, a reality of international level but attentive to the value activities carried out in the territory. We thank Dr. Maria Cristina Squarcialupi and the company in general for this partnership aimed at supporting increasingly ambitious sports, educational and social projects”.


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