The “Treasure Room” of the National Archaeological Museum of Arezzo

Chimet will help with making the National Archaeological Museum of Arezzo’s ancient coin collection (Il Monetiere) open to the public.

© Drawings and designs: Department of Architecture

On the first floor of the Museum, along the main gallery, there is a big room with beautiful windows overlooking the veranda with a view of the amphitheater. This room’s two doors have always been closed to the public and were only made accessible over time to a few specialists in numismatics.

The Ministry of Culture’s recent reorganization made a careful inventory check of the entire Museum’s materials necessary, including the items in the ancient coin collection.

A group of numismatists coordinated by Fiorenzo Catalli, former Archaeologist Officer of the Ministry of Culture, carried out the long and scrupulous work of comparing the inventory books and the exhibits preserved in the coin collection.

At the same time, in the context of the existing relationships between the Regional Directorate of the Museums of Tuscany and the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence, as part of the work in the “Resilience and Territory” thematic seminar, the structural characteristics of the room were examined, initial measurements were done, and some early ideas emerged for the rearrangement of the room and for its opening to the public.

Project for the coin collection room curated by the Department of Architecture

The desire to back up the historical display cabinets that allow for a traditional type of use with a new multimedia area has emerged.

More than other exhibits, because of their small size and because they have two sides, coins require solutions that make them accessible and that make it possible to see both the front and the back, and knowledge of important subjects in history, art history, and linguistics of which they are vessels.

© Texts: National Archaeological Museum of Arezzo
Project for the coin collection room curated by the Department of Architecture

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