Thick Film
Polymer thick film inks

Chimet Polymeric Thick Film (PTF) compositions are the products of choice for the manufacturing of Electronic circuitry on every plastic substrates via screen printing, stencil, and other additive technologies. Following the undergoing changes of the Printing Electronics, Chimet has extended its portfolio with new pastes for In-Mold Electronics (IME) and Stretchable Electronics (eTextile). All Chimet products for Printing Electronics have been designed in partnership with the most innovative companies in the sector and have followed strict R&D protocols with several chemical and physical analysis and tests. The choice of the raw materials is made in such a way as to comply with all obligations on health, safety, and environment.

Chimet main thrust is maximizing the final performances at the lowest cost of ownership as possible, with the aim to truly bring sound benefits to its customers and millions of final consumers. Chimet offers a wide range of PTF pastes for the manufacturing of flexible circuits for membrane touch switches, keyboards for desktop and notebook, heating elements, automotive sensors, biosensors, antennas for contactless smart cards and RFID labels, touch screens and front grids for next-generation PV cells. Chimet always welcomes requests for customization and new challenging projects from customers and prospects.

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